Our Services


Cut and blowdry

The whole team at Butlers is qualified to at least level three national vocational qualification. Our hair cutting is very precise and we actively look to complement face shape and bone structure to get a look that suits every client’s needs. We achieve styles that are both feminine and robust enough to deal with the moisture and ever changing climate of Cornwall.

Whether it’s a slight trim or a drastic new short cut you’re looking for, we have the experience to give you piece of mind whilst you’re in the chair. Our staff are constantly training and retraining to keep up with the ever changing hair industry whilst not compromising out clients’ needs. We also pride ourselves in repeatability, our consistent cutting means that you can keep your amazing style again and again.

Blowdry and styling

At Butlers Hair Studio we go one step further than creating that one off style that looks fantastic – we teach you how you can do the same at home. Our creative and highly talented staff are able to emulate the latest high street and catwalk styles with ultimate precision. If something more bespoke is what you require, simply ask and we can discuss a style that complements you. We use the very latest hairdressing tools including GHDs (we are ambassadors) and cutting edge hairdrying solutions to tailor your hair to the exact style you need.

What really sets us apart from our competition is our training. We communicate to everyone who walks into the studio how their new salon-fresh style can be recreated in the comfort of their own home. We tutor and coach our clients so that they are able to hone their skills to recreate a high standard of hair style at home with minimal time and effort.


Colour is where our expertise truly lies, and we use some of the highest quality products on the market to achieve that colour with meticulous accuracy. Specialising in colour correction, we strive to restore the desired shades and tones to even the most challenging hair types to make you look fantastic all over again.

Our experience in renovating hair that has been damaged is second-to-none and to achieve the necessary nourishment, we use highly specialised Moroccan oil treatments. We also give careful advice for those leaving the salon with strict rebalancing instructions to continue on the road to recovery.  This enables pH levels in hair to return to their natural levels and damaged scalps to be rescued.


Butlers is very proud to be the only barbers offering traditional wet shaving in Newquay, incorporating hot towels and traditional cut-throat shaving into their service for men. Using the very best King of Shaves and American Crew products Butlers also offer guidance for you to take your grooming experience home – whether it be wet shaving, beard trimming or other grooming techniques.

If facial hairshaping is what you require, Butlers has vast experience, amongst other things, in moustache styling, especially for those raising money for Movember. Perfect for wedding services and stag parties, please get in contact with us if you are interested in getting that perfect new look as a group.

Setting and roller styling

Setting and rollers styling has become a section of hair up looks in recent years not the dated predecessor people used to talk about. In the contexts of blue rinses if you want blue hair we will achieve electric all muted shades to look great not the images of old.

Brazillian Blowdry

Brazilian blowdrying is the process of semi-permanent straightening and is particularly effective at rejuvenating coarse, damaged or already chemically treated hair. Our experts are highly experienced in applying these carefully engineered keratin products after working with the best in the industry for many years. Using high quality yet cost-effective products, Butlers provides a straightening solution that makes hair look and move naturally, and won’t break the bank. A Brazillian Blowdry leaves hair chemically straightened in a natual, organic style for up to 3 months.